Evaluating Instructional Coaching

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 Few evaluation systems are specifically geared toward coaching roles. Ensuring that school districts have accurate information about both coaches and coaching programs is crucial to guide improvement in supporting classrooms, as well as in ensuring accountability. With sound evaluation processes in place, districts can effectively evaluate instructional coaches and coaching programs and use data to set goals.

Evaluating Instructional Coaching: People, Programs, and Partnership focuses on four key 'How to' areas for creating powerful instructional coaching programs that bring about changes not only in classroom practice but also in student learning and engagement.

How to:
• Evaluate instructional coaches as employees
• Evaluate the effectiveness of instructional coaching programs
• Recruit and hire the best instructional coaches
• Retain the best instructional coaches and sustain effective coaching programs

With sound practices in place to evaluate coaching programs, instructional coaches will become better partners, teachers will become better mentors, and students will be come better learners.